Betrayed, The

Originally a mural by Dombeck, depicting the death of Ramenter III, painted ca. PA 1150 in the Chapel of Uriel at the Keford summer palace; subsequently copied by untrained artists and secretly distributed for decades as a symbol of resistance to the dynasty of Amabane I (“The Ursuper”).

Amabane I commissioned the mural PA 1148 in an attempt to villify Ramenter III and thus solidify his own position as monarch. According to extant court documents, Dombeck’s preliminary sketches showed a more traditional emblem of the Amabame dynasty: a triumphant Amabane I, sword aloft, standing over Ramenter’s corpse, depicted as clad (erroneously, of course) in the traditional armor of the Order of the Dark Sun (q.v.). Dombeck began work on the mural under Amabane’s supervision in 1149; however, the completed mural was quite altered upon the king’s return to Keford the following year: Ramenter III, dead or dying, pierced by the lances of warriors bearing the Ramenter insignia (q.v. Two Coins, The), with the Dark Sun looming overhead. Amabane ordered the mural destroyed and Dombeck hanged by the chapel rafters, but the damage was done; naive copies of The Betrayed were smuggled out of Keford and circulated as a form of folk art for the next two centuries.

The betrayed

Many scholars have debated Dombeck’s change of heart concerning the mural, with motives ranging from political gain (a favorite of Brother Oddfixt) to intricate machinations by the various cults of ascendance (q.v. Ascendancy). As of this writing, no theory has proved convincing. ~Tanol of Bradnes

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