(Tur’om., NA 76-93) Founder and long-time leader of the Hand of the Scourge. Born the daughter of expatriate Tur’omian nobility in Aranek, Canisir had a privileged upbringing but was by all accounts a sweet and caring child. Her early religious and spiritual thinking was guided by her tutor, believed by many biographers to be a secret Tur’omian missionary of the Thorn God. Canisir underwent a change in her tenth year of life after being attacked at the Aranek marketplace by a madwoman of the northern tribes. Within a few weeks of the attack, the child began experiencing visions of increasing depth and intensity; these visions led to her leaving her home and disappearing into the rugged mountains of the upper Morach River valley. Canisir emerged four years later, far to the north in the high plains surrounding Morim. Now a young woman, she had become the self-proclaimed earthly representative of the pantheon of beings she called The Scourge (q.v.). Canisir established a temple at the site of her emergence from the wilderness, and for the next three years attracted a large number of followers with The Scourge’s message (including, albeit briefly, an elderly Lisone; see the biographical account by Angsler the Lame). Her influence expanded in the area until the events of the Morim Revolt (q.v.) in NA 93.

Canisir bore no children in her short life, yet she casts a long shadow in NA history; her spiritual legacy alone is as mixed and complex as the traditions which produced her. According to one popular belief, the skull of Canisir resides to this day in the vaults of Yenga in Aranek — under perpetual guard. ~Tanol of Bradnes

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