Many marvels have been written about the one called Dexial. Before Hesundost, before Nathulion, before Uragosir divided the seas his legend was known throughout the Three Realms. When I crossed Sundost the Forlorn on my pilgrimage to Aranek, I could not resist seeing for myself what the singers and poets had celebrated for centuries. Only one of my companions, Toti, and a Wajarel scout dared to cross the Twistbane Wastes with me to reach ruined Arith and its storied watchtower.

(The story of Omeli’s adventures across the Twistbane has been omitted).

The storytellers describe him as a man of metal, an enchanted statue like the Watchers of Redhahost , but that is not accurate. He is a being of light (but is not an elf) who lives inside a strange suit of armor shaped like a nomad’s yurt, which covers him completely except for the tops of his three shell-like heads. Each head has a single eye, which shines with light from within. He has no face as we do. He speaks through his armor. He stands on six legs but cannot move. (Three of his legs appear injured and poorly healed). He has but one great arm that he can move with considerable force and an intricate hand from which he can produce up to ten dexterous fingers. He says he does not remember losing his other arm. Modesty prevents me from describing his pudendum in detail, but he is a male and not a sexless construction or a male in appearance only like the Watchers. His seed, however, has been spent completely.

(Omeli’s failures of modesty have been omitted).

He has learned many languages and even greeted me in Nythushisi. He claims he has seen all the Three Realms in the remote past, but he has stayed in his current location for the last 5,524 years. He says he is waiting, but does not know for whom. In his native language, one’s name foretells one’s fate. “Dexial” means he has been fated to visit our lands. He cannot describe his home, for it is the way of his people to send their young quickly to their destiny like the Hyshko and Grevak tribes of my homeland who send their second sons and first daughters as infants to the Legion of Fire and the Egg of Ash.

(Many stories which Omeli claims Dexial related to him have been omitted)

Dexial claims the earliest settlers of Arith build the watchtower around him at first as a means to imprison him. When it became apparent that he meant them no offense and was an amiable if unusual creature, the prison was converted to a watchtower. With his never-sleeping eyes he continues to watch the Frost Gate, the Sun Gate, and the Centaur Gate although the town remains abandoned.

He can relate many wonderful stories from antiquity. He recalls the entire history of Arith and would like to see the town alive again with people. His recollections of the heroics of the Wajarels brought tears to the eyes of our scout. Before the Long Winter, a wizard was able to move him through arcane means and he served as a beater in barriads and assisted in the silk olive harvests for many years. When the wizard left, he was moved back into the watchtower by a team of men and horses.

From The Travels of Otogango Omeli, “The Liar,” as edited by Silpuras Tendor

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