In the history of Southland epigrapha and psedepigrapha, no written work is as beloved, reviled, or debated as the Encyclopedia. Unfinished as of this writing, the Encyclopedia represents no less than an effort to preserve in writing the sum of all knowledge, human and otherwise, both PA and NA.

The first volume of the Encylopedia is considered to be the long allegory the Echaeustu (ca. PA 650) because of its long (roughly twice as long as the work itself) explanatory appendices. These early entries represent a cross-section of PA life, with practical information on such prosaic activities as sowing and animal husbandry. The second volume, which dispenses with any pretense of didactic narrative, is the first attempt to outline the histories (and, incidentally, justify the rule) of the most prominent kingdom of the time.

The authorship of the first two volumes has long been in question, particularly since the so-called “discovery “(that is to say, clever forgery) of two different versions of Volume 2 after the Second Cataclysm and the resultant academic, political, and military conflict (q.v. War of Rebirth). One of the versions, that of the School of Qorach (q.v.), was irrefutably proven to be fraudulent within a few decades. However, the other version^ and its associated school of “thought” persists, weaving a black thread of hypocrisy and falsehood throughout the Southlands.

The most convincing argument as to the _Encylopedia’_s true provenance can be read in the learned treatise The Dialogues of Nysril by Phlebus of Goth. ~Tanol of Bradnes

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^the name of which shall not be mentioned here. Many of my colleagues, however, are not so squeamish: see Order of the Dark Sun, The.


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